Love Leadership

I recently became a fan of Nanz Komo who started a website to inspire women all over the world. Her latest addition to her website which impressed greatly on my heart was about “Love Leadership”, a concept brought about the founder of Operation Hope, John Bryant hope, which hold 5 basic principles:

1) Loss Creates Leaders – if you have suffered under a horrible boss, instead of turning into that person, use your bad experience to become a love leader. Destroy your ex-boss’s bad deeds by your love, and watch your own leadership blossom.

2) Fear Fails – those who lead by fear will achieve short-lived goals, but ultimately they will fail. History has proven this time and time again. Replace fear with love.

3) Love Makes Money – Investing in love will give you paybacks in ways you never imagined. Think back on how many times you have got a new job or won a new business contract because someone you showed love and care to connected you or put in a good word for you. Build genuine relationships and set your mind on love — you and the company you run or work for will benefit from love-based thinking.

4) Vulnerability Is Power – Are you too afraid to admit you are wrong? The most powerful leaders are the ones who are not afraid to be humble. It is only when you are willing to admit you don’t know everything that you can begin to find out what you need to know and to grow.

5) Giving Is Getting – It is a universal law. The biggest givers are the biggest getters. Bill Gates has given only millions of dollars to bring aid to third world countries, he is now giving of his own time and talent to solve world problems like malaria and HIV/Aids. Hoarders somehow never have enough, but givers always have more than enough. Give of your time to young people who ask you to mentor them. Give of your money to causes and missions that go where you cannot go to make a difference. Give of your love to someone who needs to hear an encouraging word or to simply be hugged If you would like to be furthered inspired, do surf Nanz Komo’s website at this add: Enjoy reading!!!!


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