Standing on My Own Two Feet

Many at times, a decision is made by a friend but due to the fact that we do not want to risk rejection or displeasing that particular friend, we just flow along and agree to it… This actually suppresses that part of ourselves that is true.. We know deep inside we do not agree with something but choose to go with the crowd.. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to go against the tide.. I am not saying we should be aggressive and go to war against the person but just to assert and speak the truth n be true to our own opinions and speak it in the gentlest way possible and audible enough to be heard.. so years down the road, we can look back n say this is indeed our own personal decision and it is not made due to other people telling us to do so…. May God strengthen us from the inside and allow us to know also what we truly want and go for it with passion…


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