Social Integration

I recently had lunch with an old fren of mine. She had been very active in church and especially her cell group and she had been putting in effort to help one cell fren of hers. Her fren, let’s call her MAry, was suffering from Cerebral Palsy, a condition that she was born with which caused her to have impaired muscle strength.Mary recently was diagnosed with depression as she attempted to take her life twice. She felt her life was meaningless and she was not doing well in her work. She had been in and out of employment and had been feeling low for a while. Her father jumped to his death while he was drunk and her mum was the sole breadwinner. Her grandmother who brought her up was diagnosed with lung cancer… what a tragic life!My heart went out to this girl when I heard her story.. not everyone has a life like hers… We are a lot more fortunate than her in many ways. Perhaps our families are intact… perhaps we are holding onto a stable job… My fren had been supporting her and sending her home right after church every week. She also tried to get her out of the house whenever she can and encourage her to join social activities. She tried movies, karaokes, or simply going for a stroll in her neighbourhood… These will at least distract her from her negative thoughts… Mary had the tendency to shut herself out from people and such behaviour only helped to perpetate the feeling of isolation and loneliness and lead to a downward spiral..Let’s hope that Mary gets better and stronger and be able to step out of her gloom…


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