Stress Management

Many at times, the feeling of stress comes about because of negative thought patterns. These type of thinking could have been inbuilt since young, it could have come from our parents who were overly protective or pessimistic, thinking that nothing good could happen to them. We can confidently say our feelings are tied to our thinking. Think happy thoughts, we will feel happy. Think sad or negative thoughts, the same corresponding emotions will arise in our hearts. A famous proverb states : ” What he thinks, he is”. Today I will share on some of the ways we can employ to counteract negative thought pattern..

 1) To catch hold of negative automatic thought- Do this whenever u feel yourself going down in your mood. Reflect on what were your thoughts before the feelings came. Keep questioning these thoughts with the question ‘why’ until you come to the original thought. Then you can query the validity of such a thought.

2) Do something contrary to the activity you were engaged in when the negative emotion came— e.g. if you were lying down, get up and watch some TV, if sitting, just take a walk around your neighbourhood to clear your mind. If the room was quiet, play some music.

3) If you are used to be alone, try to call up some friends for a chat or invite some over to your place for afternoon tea. If you usually are an indoors person, go out and bask in some sunlight or run to sweat it out.

4) Exercise– this encourages the secretion of endorphins and greatly help to enhance your mood, making you feel more in control of your life and jacks up your self-confidence.

5) Read motivational books and inspirational passages— type positive statements out, print and then display them on your fridge or print them in wallet-size form so you can take them out from your wallet to read wherever you are. I find the above works very well for me, have a go at these methods, perhaps you can share with me your success stories at how you combat stress in your own ways:)


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