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Standing on My Own Two Feet

Many at times, a decision is made by a friend but due to the fact that we do not want to risk rejection or displeasing that particular friend, we just flow along and agree to it… This actually suppresses that part of ourselves that is true.. We know deep inside we do not agree with something but choose to go with the crowd.. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to go against the tide.. I am not saying we should be aggressive and go to war against the person but just to assert and speak the truth n be true to our own opinions and speak it in the gentlest way possible and audible enough to be heard.. so years down the road, we can look back n say this is indeed our own personal decision and it is not made due to other people telling us to do so…. May God strengthen us from the inside and allow us to know also what we truly want and go for it with passion…


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Now adays there has been increasing amounts of literature written about the benefits of exercise , especially the aerobic type. The guideline is to exercise at least 30 mins each time and 5 days a week. It is unlike the past when you were advised to exercise only about 3 times per week. I admit I have been lazy for a while.. I regarded walking to the bus stop or train station as a form of exercise but it is simply inadequate. I also told myself running after my child is good exercise but then, this is not intensive over 30 mins right? I find my energy level going down rather quickly after a few mins of activity and I often try to find a place to sit… This cannot go on.. since I have this blog written today, let me commence my healthy lifestyle from tomorrow onwards…this is a proclamation to the folks who are actively reading my blog:)

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Social Integration

I recently had lunch with an old fren of mine. She had been very active in church and especially her cell group and she had been putting in effort to help one cell fren of hers. Her fren, let’s call her MAry, was suffering from Cerebral Palsy, a condition that she was born with which caused her to have impaired muscle strength.Mary recently was diagnosed with depression as she attempted to take her life twice. She felt her life was meaningless and she was not doing well in her work. She had been in and out of employment and had been feeling low for a while. Her father jumped to his death while he was drunk and her mum was the sole breadwinner. Her grandmother who brought her up was diagnosed with lung cancer… what a tragic life!My heart went out to this girl when I heard her story.. not everyone has a life like hers… We are a lot more fortunate than her in many ways. Perhaps our families are intact… perhaps we are holding onto a stable job… My fren had been supporting her and sending her home right after church every week. She also tried to get her out of the house whenever she can and encourage her to join social activities. She tried movies, karaokes, or simply going for a stroll in her neighbourhood… These will at least distract her from her negative thoughts… Mary had the tendency to shut herself out from people and such behaviour only helped to perpetate the feeling of isolation and loneliness and lead to a downward spiral..Let’s hope that Mary gets better and stronger and be able to step out of her gloom…

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Stress Management

Many at times, the feeling of stress comes about because of negative thought patterns. These type of thinking could have been inbuilt since young, it could have come from our parents who were overly protective or pessimistic, thinking that nothing good could happen to them. We can confidently say our feelings are tied to our thinking. Think happy thoughts, we will feel happy. Think sad or negative thoughts, the same corresponding emotions will arise in our hearts. A famous proverb states : ” What he thinks, he is”. Today I will share on some of the ways we can employ to counteract negative thought pattern..

 1) To catch hold of negative automatic thought- Do this whenever u feel yourself going down in your mood. Reflect on what were your thoughts before the feelings came. Keep questioning these thoughts with the question ‘why’ until you come to the original thought. Then you can query the validity of such a thought.

2) Do something contrary to the activity you were engaged in when the negative emotion came— e.g. if you were lying down, get up and watch some TV, if sitting, just take a walk around your neighbourhood to clear your mind. If the room was quiet, play some music.

3) If you are used to be alone, try to call up some friends for a chat or invite some over to your place for afternoon tea. If you usually are an indoors person, go out and bask in some sunlight or run to sweat it out.

4) Exercise– this encourages the secretion of endorphins and greatly help to enhance your mood, making you feel more in control of your life and jacks up your self-confidence.

5) Read motivational books and inspirational passages— type positive statements out, print and then display them on your fridge or print them in wallet-size form so you can take them out from your wallet to read wherever you are. I find the above works very well for me, have a go at these methods, perhaps you can share with me your success stories at how you combat stress in your own ways:)

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Chanel No. 5

I came across the advert explaining how Chanel No 5 came about… It was fascinating and inspiring.U can log onto this add: ttp:// My fave French actress Audrey Tautou who was the star in Amelie years ago was in the ad…Have fun and bask in the feeling of mystery in this ad.

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