10 Ways to Be Happy

Happiness is a choice. You define how u want to be. Happiness makes people more creative and productive and it makes u a person people want to get close to.

The following are 10 simple ways to stay happy…

1. Spend more of your time with other people than you spend alone. Quality relationships offer you more opportunities to laugh and enjoy yourself.

2. Show appreciation by counting your blessings and keeping a list of the things you are grateful for.

3. Recall every positive experience you encounter during the day, whether big or small.

4. Think memorable thoughts. Memories of good times with love ones or friends last forever.

5. Be humorous. Don’t be afraid to laugh out loud.

6. Release your stress by going to your perfect day in your mind. A place where you always feel calm and happy doing and being your happiest.

7. Be Optimistic. See the glass half full. Always look on the bright side of things.

8. Be creative. Use your creative inner expression. Think back to the things you love to do that seems to make you lose track of all time. Things like painting, dancing, poetry, hiking, etc. Joyful expressions brings happiness.

9.Do good. Show acts of kindness each day, however small it may be, do good.

10. Seize the Moment. Now is the time to celebrate, take someone to lunch, buy those shoes n do whatever good u wish to do.

By simply putting on a happy face makes you not only look better but feel better. Smiling actually relaxes your face muscles. When you take the steps to be happier yourself, you are far better able to make others happier too.


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