8 Ways To Banish Stress

Been thinking about this topic for a while… thru my experience and the sharing from others, I can now relate 8 simple ways to beat stress…

1) Saying “No” to people— we want to make people happy by giving into demands that come along our way.. But there is a limit to the amount of help we can offer at times. We have to check what we manage and anything going beyond our limits, we have to let go and put a stop.

2) Exercise— sweating it out can enhance the production of Endorphins ( feel-good hormones), improve the feeling of well-being and allow us to have more energy to manage stress

3) Sleep enough— we need at least 7-8 hrs of sleep to help our cells regenerate… Drink milk or any frink containing milk products can help us relax and sleep better

4) Practise positive thinking— say to yourself “I can”… reflect on your previous successes, take stock of yr relationships, your family and borrow books from the local library and jot down inspirational mesages that will bring your spirits up and enhance your self-confidence

5) Take a warm shower or bath— the impact of the warmth from the water on your skin has great relaxation effects… somehow u find yourself being able to fall asleep more easily after a soak 🙂

6) Take time to breathe— sometimes we forget to breathe, and the pent-up energy are stuck in our bodies. Find time to breathe regularly, smoothly and deeply, ensuring our breath goes right into our lungs and our chests are expanding to their fullest

7) Empty your mind after a hard day’s work— find a quiet spot in the house to sit down, speak to your family to allow you to have a “Me” time and so that you can unwind, think nothing and just bask in the silence. You can try Aromatheray, light some scented candles and enjoy the fragrance

8) If the above ways do not seem to work, at least you can indulge in your favourite food e.g. ice-cream/ chocolate and let yourself go once in a while… no worries about putting on weight. The dieting regime can resume another day:)


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