A Doctor Who Just Passed Away…

Today’s topic is just a sidetrack from my usual blogging style… It is not about Turkey or anyhting found in that land… I came across a newspaper article which reported about a local doctor who died of hypertensive heart disease in his sleep. He was probably around 70 plus years old and had been practising in his general practice for about 45 years. He also is an active member of the local Grassroots committee and had helped many. He works 7 days a week with no break and his patients often asked him about his retirement. His answer would be “Until the day I die”. In fact, his words came true. He went back home for a afternoon nap last Fri after his morning clinic and died in his sleep. His wife of 40 years could not rouse him at all and found him cold to the touch.. Kudos to this particular doctor who gave his life serving the community day in day out without any rest… His achievements would not be forgotten!!! HIs spirit of service is something that I can learn a lot from.


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