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10 Ways to Be Happy

Happiness is a choice. You define how u want to be. Happiness makes people more creative and productive and it makes u a person people want to get close to.

The following are 10 simple ways to stay happy…

1. Spend more of your time with other people than you spend alone. Quality relationships offer you more opportunities to laugh and enjoy yourself.

2. Show appreciation by counting your blessings and keeping a list of the things you are grateful for.

3. Recall every positive experience you encounter during the day, whether big or small.

4. Think memorable thoughts. Memories of good times with love ones or friends last forever.

5. Be humorous. Don’t be afraid to laugh out loud.

6. Release your stress by going to your perfect day in your mind. A place where you always feel calm and happy doing and being your happiest.

7. Be Optimistic. See the glass half full. Always look on the bright side of things.

8. Be creative. Use your creative inner expression. Think back to the things you love to do that seems to make you lose track of all time. Things like painting, dancing, poetry, hiking, etc. Joyful expressions brings happiness.

9.Do good. Show acts of kindness each day, however small it may be, do good.

10. Seize the Moment. Now is the time to celebrate, take someone to lunch, buy those shoes n do whatever good u wish to do.

By simply putting on a happy face makes you not only look better but feel better. Smiling actually relaxes your face muscles. When you take the steps to be happier yourself, you are far better able to make others happier too.


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8 Ways To Banish Stress

Been thinking about this topic for a while… thru my experience and the sharing from others, I can now relate 8 simple ways to beat stress…

1) Saying “No” to people— we want to make people happy by giving into demands that come along our way.. But there is a limit to the amount of help we can offer at times. We have to check what we manage and anything going beyond our limits, we have to let go and put a stop.

2) Exercise— sweating it out can enhance the production of Endorphins ( feel-good hormones), improve the feeling of well-being and allow us to have more energy to manage stress

3) Sleep enough— we need at least 7-8 hrs of sleep to help our cells regenerate… Drink milk or any frink containing milk products can help us relax and sleep better

4) Practise positive thinking— say to yourself “I can”… reflect on your previous successes, take stock of yr relationships, your family and borrow books from the local library and jot down inspirational mesages that will bring your spirits up and enhance your self-confidence

5) Take a warm shower or bath— the impact of the warmth from the water on your skin has great relaxation effects… somehow u find yourself being able to fall asleep more easily after a soak 🙂

6) Take time to breathe— sometimes we forget to breathe, and the pent-up energy are stuck in our bodies. Find time to breathe regularly, smoothly and deeply, ensuring our breath goes right into our lungs and our chests are expanding to their fullest

7) Empty your mind after a hard day’s work— find a quiet spot in the house to sit down, speak to your family to allow you to have a “Me” time and so that you can unwind, think nothing and just bask in the silence. You can try Aromatheray, light some scented candles and enjoy the fragrance

8) If the above ways do not seem to work, at least you can indulge in your favourite food e.g. ice-cream/ chocolate and let yourself go once in a while… no worries about putting on weight. The dieting regime can resume another day:)

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Excerpt of An Article Taken from Straits Times on “SLEEP”

One little known fact about sleep disorders and neurology is … That getting enough sleep regularly is essential for optimal brain function and emotional and physical health. People will not sacrifice sleep as much as they do if they knew that chronic lack of good quality sleep prevents us from achieving our personal best at work and school, increases our risk of depression, obesity and heart disease, and shortens our lifespan. The best tip from Dr Lim Li Ling, Deputy Director of Singapore General Hospital Sleep Disorders Unit is ” Get enough good quality sleep on a regular basis- we will feel and work so much better. As a neurologist and sleep physician, I fully endorse good sleep for peak brain performance”.

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A Doctor Who Just Passed Away…

Today’s topic is just a sidetrack from my usual blogging style… It is not about Turkey or anyhting found in that land… I came across a newspaper article which reported about a local doctor who died of hypertensive heart disease in his sleep. He was probably around 70 plus years old and had been practising in his general practice for about 45 years. He also is an active member of the local Grassroots committee and had helped many. He works 7 days a week with no break and his patients often asked him about his retirement. His answer would be “Until the day I die”. In fact, his words came true. He went back home for a afternoon nap last Fri after his morning clinic and died in his sleep. His wife of 40 years could not rouse him at all and found him cold to the touch.. Kudos to this particular doctor who gave his life serving the community day in day out without any rest… His achievements would not be forgotten!!! HIs spirit of service is something that I can learn a lot from.

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Food To Combat Ageing

1) Avocado- good source of vit E and monosaturated fat LDL , rich in folate, which has a preventative effect against breast and cervical cancer and potassium prevents fluid retention and high blood pressure 2) Soy- rich in isoflavones- exerts an estrogen like effect on the body to bolster bone density. Together with calcium and vit D can stave off bone thinning 3) Broccoli- contains high fibre and sulphur contents which prevents cancer, contains alpha lipoic acids that prevents collagen in your legs from hardening which is a main cause of cellulite. 4) Yoghurt- Combat Psoriasis, Eczema and Acne and maintain a healthy digestive system 5) Garlic- Eating a clove prevents cancer and heart disease. Women between the ages of 55 and 69 who eat a clove of garlic at least once a week were 50 prcent less likely to develop colon cancer 6) Dark Chocolates- contains high content of cocoa flavonols, which is associated with softer, more hydrated skin and decreased sensitivity to the sun 7) Tomatoes- contains beta carotene, lycopene, vit C, A and E, potassium, and fibre. A medium sized tomato can provide half the person’s recommended daily amount of vit C. Lycopene, a natural anti oxidant can protect our skin against the sun’s damaging rays. It can lower our blood pressure and cholesterol and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancers 8) Nuts- rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, selenium and omega-3 acids. Omega-3 acids can sow down the growth of plaques in the arteries and reduce swelling throught the body. Brazil nuts. according to a study done at the University of Illinois have a vital role in preventing breast cancer 9) Watermelon- contaisn selenium, essential fats, zinc, and vit E which help against free radicals and ageing 10) Water- drink at least eight glasses of fluid a day to flush out toxins

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