My Damascena Rose Facial Foam ( from Gulcicek, Turkey)

I started using the facial foam I bought from Isparta a few weeks ago… It comes in a bottle and is very liquidy. But once you press on the nozzle, it is foam that comes out! It has an interesting fragrance unlike anything I had used before. It leaves a soft after feel as if roses have been laid on my face:) I am free to use as often as I like and it doesn’t dry my skin at all. I do not have to worry wrinkles will form on my face as roses are supposed to be anti-ageing. The bottle is coloured rosy pink, very sweet looking indeed and reminds me of the roses I saw at Isparta in June! I introduced my mum to the product. She gave it a go and her feedback was also that the after feel was refreshing for her and she felt as if a layer of rose petals was left on her skin:) Moreover, it is very easy to wash off. I wonder how I can order more bottles of it as I only bought one bottle during my last trip… Perhaps I can try to order over the Internet??? Will the website be in English or in Turkish?Oh boy, I am such an alien to online shopping but yeap, I should just give it a try:) for the sake of my individual therapy…


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