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Pictures of the Damascena Rose

Yesterday, I dropped by a photo shop to have my pics printed. I chose 3 pics to have them blown up to 8R size for the purpose of putting up in my house. Two of them were of the Damascena (Damask) Rose and one was of the Dill Weed. While I was travelling in Turkey 2 mths ago, I discovered that the Dill grew wildly as a weed which was shocking! The country where I come from will not have such plants growing so naturally and yet can be eaten by people:) I had loads of fun going around the countryside plucking dill and later putting them into the salad that my friends prepared. They were crunchy with a strong refreshing scent and oh boy, I realised I was consuming food that was organic! The result of it was I felt very healthy that my food was fresh, unlike the junk food that I eat regularly:) I went to have a check of the price of Dill in my local supermarket when I returned and to my astonishment, it costs $50/kg!!! Yet over in Turkey, it is free from Mother Earth:)

Then 2 days ago, I was surfing on the kinds of perfumes using the Damask Rose as the main ingredient and found out the Givenchy Damask Rose perfume that was launched 2 years ago was highly popular. The packaging looked pleasant. Boy, I can’t wait to pop into the shopping mall to check out if that brand is still available. My obsession in the products of the Damask Rose is increasing…:)


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My Damascena Rose Facial Foam ( from Gulcicek, Turkey)

I started using the facial foam I bought from Isparta a few weeks ago… It comes in a bottle and is very liquidy. But once you press on the nozzle, it is foam that comes out! It has an interesting fragrance unlike anything I had used before. It leaves a soft after feel as if roses have been laid on my face:) I am free to use as often as I like and it doesn’t dry my skin at all. I do not have to worry wrinkles will form on my face as roses are supposed to be anti-ageing. The bottle is coloured rosy pink, very sweet looking indeed and reminds me of the roses I saw at Isparta in June! I introduced my mum to the product. She gave it a go and her feedback was also that the after feel was refreshing for her and she felt as if a layer of rose petals was left on her skin:) Moreover, it is very easy to wash off. I wonder how I can order more bottles of it as I only bought one bottle during my last trip… Perhaps I can try to order over the Internet??? Will the website be in English or in Turkish?Oh boy, I am such an alien to online shopping but yeap, I should just give it a try:) for the sake of my individual therapy…

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History Of Rose Oil

The Rose (rosa damscena), a flower which was highly prized by Islam, was one of the first plants to be distilled successfully by the Arab scientist Avicenna (Ib’n Sina) (980 – 1037 A.D.). It is thought that this most captivating of flowers originated from the Orient before being cultivated throughout Europe. The Rose was used in cosmetics, medicine and perfumery by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabs for centuries.

The Egyptians were amongst the first to macerate fresh roses and make them into fragrant pomades. These were shaped as a cone and placed on top of the head. Heat from the body melted the fat, resulting in an aromatic rose-scented oil trickling down the neck and the face. The ancient Greeks and Indians also made some sort of pomade with roses.

The Romans were quick to appreciate the many uses of the Rose too. They devoted a lot of reverence to it and the flower was often the feature of their large gardens. Nero was said to have covered many banqueting floors with rose petals, believing the calming aroma prevented drunken shenanigans!

The Properties of Rose Essential Oil
The Rose is probably most known for its association with lovers. Roses are used lavishly in weddings, on anniversaries and to woo a potential new love. It is no coincidence that Rose essential oil has aphrodisiac properties and it is used by both men and women in this very quest.

It is also used to help aid depression and stress related problems; it is excellent for general skin care (especially dry, sensitive or aging skin) and helps ease wounds and sprains; can help treat insomnia; is helpful in a number of problems of the female reproductive system; is anti-viral and anti-infectious.

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