Eau De Toilette of The Nuit De Mais

I happened to pop into a neighbourhood Fragrance shop a few days ago and stumbled upon a product manufactured from oils of The Rosa Centifolia and Rose Damascena…. It was a refreshing fragrance and one that wakens me up as I breathe in the fresh scent…I was excited too that I could purchase such a product easily from a shop downtown… I very quickly grabbed hold of one tube and shared the news with my gal friends. They too were excited and were surprised the oil which was considered rare and found only in countries like Turkey and Bulgaria could now be found in France too!!! It has a lovely mauve colour and comes off easily onto my skin as I rub it onto my wrist. However, the staff at the shop did not have a good product knowledge as they insisted the name of the rose the oil was obtained from was the Cabbage Rose! I clarified many times if it were the Damask/ Damascena Rose but they appeared dazed at the name…. It was only when I checked the packaging and showed to them that they realised the product truly came from the rose I mentioned. Anyway, despite the service, I would still recommend the scent to my friends and direct them to the one and only place that sells it now.:)


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