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Eau De Toilette of The Nuit De Mais

I happened to pop into a neighbourhood Fragrance shop a few days ago and stumbled upon a product manufactured from oils of The Rosa Centifolia and Rose Damascena…. It was a refreshing fragrance and one that wakens me up as I breathe in the fresh scent…I was excited too that I could purchase such a product easily from a shop downtown… I very quickly grabbed hold of one tube and shared the news with my gal friends. They too were excited and were surprised the oil which was considered rare and found only in countries like Turkey and Bulgaria could now be found in France too!!! It has a lovely mauve colour and comes off easily onto my skin as I rub it onto my wrist. However, the staff at the shop did not have a good product knowledge as they insisted the name of the rose the oil was obtained from was the Cabbage Rose! I clarified many times if it were the Damask/ Damascena Rose but they appeared dazed at the name…. It was only when I checked the packaging and showed to them that they realised the product truly came from the rose I mentioned. Anyway, despite the service, I would still recommend the scent to my friends and direct them to the one and only place that sells it now.:)


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Uses of Rose Oil

These are a few uses of Rose Oil…Do read on to find out the benefits


Mix 1 part of Turkish pure Rose oil to 10 parts of almond or jojoba carrier oil to create an oil for massaging. A massage is one of best methods of physical therapy as it utilizes the therapeutic action of the essential oils with that of the revitalization of massage stimulation. The overall effect stimulates all of the body organs, plus the skins, muscles, nerves and glands. The increased stimulation of the blood circulation helps to assist the body in clearing away toxins. The oils have a cleansing, regulating, purifying, and clearing effect on the body. Rose oil has been known to bring the female hormones back into balance and help with regulating the period and improving fertility .

 For a fragrant bath

Take just 2 drops of pure rose oil and place in a tub of warm water with the bathroom door closed, so as to fill the bathroom with the wonderful fragrance. Enjoy your soak, soothing mind and body. 

For a relaxing shower

After first washing and rinsing, place two drops of rose oil directly on your warm wash cloth. Rub over the body avoiding contact with sensitive areas. The fragrance will relieve stress and irritation while encouraging a better state of mind.

Create a dream pillow


Dab a cotton ball with rose oil and insert into your pillow. Do not place near eyes.

Spray your room

Fill a plant mister with 250 ml or ½ pint of water, ¼ teaspoon sea salt and 5 or 6 drops of rose oil. Shake thoroughly before use. Spray the room and inhale.

Minute molecules of essential oils are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, when inhaled. As the lungs work to oxygenate the blood, the aroma sends signals directly to the Limbic System. This system is a portion of the brain directly responsible for emotions, memory and sexual arousal, which explains why essential oils have such a powerful effect on our state of mind and our moods.

Relieve aches

A highly effective form of  pain relief can be found in a compress. Hot compresses have been found to be more effective at relieving chronic pain such as cramps for menstruation or muscle cramps. Cold is better at relieving and reducing swelling, sprains and headaches . Place 4 to 6 drops of oil into very hot or icy cold water. Gently dip a folded piece of absorbent material into the mixture, without fully immersing. Wring out the excess water and apply the cloth compress directly on the affected area. Finally cover this with either a towel or a polythene wrap.

 Clear the lungs

For centuries rose oil steams have provided relief for respiratory infections, asthma, coughs, hay fever, liver congestion, and nausea. Fill a large bowl with almost boiling water and add 3 or 5 drops of rose oil. Leaning over the bowl, breathe deeply until relief is felt (usually within minutes). Placing a towel over the head may help direct the vapors better.

As a Perfume/ Fragrance 

It takes approximately 60,000 roses to produce 1 ounce of pure rose oil or 2 ½ dozen roses for just 1 drop. Pure rose oil is a highly concentrated product and the smallest drop can exhilarate the senses. Dab the oil with a hanky and tuck it in your purse to smell later on, when you are away from home.

Rose oil fragrance is beneficial in soothing and harmonizing the mind, helping with anger, depression, grief, fear, stress, and nervous tension. It has been used for years for poor circulation and heart problems as well as high blood pressure, and digestive disorders.

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Turkish Embroidery

My thoughts went back to the Turkish women who would spend most of their leisure time knitting embroidery when I walked past a stall selling Embroidered products today. It was a stall selling products which copied the designs of Europe and had them made in China. They looked authentic just like the real stuff! Turkish Embroidery always used the motifs that remind people of the natural plants that are found in Turkey and in a sense more authentic…I had started using the stuff I bought in my house and found them fairly durable and also enhanced the decor of the house… Friends who visited my house were in fact surprised at the delicate work they saw from the Embroidery and gathered that a lot of time was spent to complete the pieces… Their eyes would sparkle as they scrutinised the Artwork. Whenever I see them, I will get reminded of the hardship the Turkish ladies went through just to get them made…May God bestow blessings on them for their hardwork!

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