The Uses of The Damascena Rose

This rose is hybrid of the Rosa Gallica and Rosa Moschata. It is a deciduous shrub growing up to a height of 2.2m tall. It is considered to be the Old rose and it has an important place in the pedigree of many other types. The crusader is given credit for bringing this rose from Persia to Europe between 1254 and 1276. This rose is renown for its fine fragrance and it is grown commercially for its rose oil to be used in the perfume industry.

The Damascena rose is used in cooking as a flavouring ingredient or spice. It appears as one of the ingredients in the Morrocan spice mixture. Rose water and powdered roses are used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. Rose water is often sprinkled on many meat dishes. Rose powder is added to sauces, and flavouring of desserts such as ice cream, jam, turkish delights, rice pudding and yoghurt etc. In the West, it is used for traditional desserts such as Marzipan.


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