Turkish Embroidery- Continued

I remembered my Turkish gal friends mentioning that most of their Embroidery go to serve as presents for their friends on birthdays, weddings, housewarming etc… What warmth these wonderful pieces of Artwork will bring to their friends’ hearts. The intricate designs reflect the amount of time, sweat and love these ladies put in to complete the crafts. These Embroidery when displayed in houses bring about coziness and a feeling of relaxation. The emotion will be stronger if outside the individual houses grow fruit trees, flowering plants which are the same motifs on the Embroidery work…

Apparently roses are a hot favourite among the Turks. They appear frequently on their Embroidery work and many Turkish mothers like to name their daughters using the word “rose” (Turkish equivalent is ‘gul’). Moreover, the Turks use the natural oils of roses to make lokums ( Turkish delights- they taste chewy!!! like gummy sweets!!!!), to make washing powders, detergents, colognes, hand soaps, lip balms, and other types of cosmetics. When you step into any Turkish house, you can easily smell the fresh fragrance of roses coming to your nose probably not realising what you are smelling is roses!!! Roses contain anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties, able to boost one’s mood and increase passion in one’s heart. Through my recent trip, I got to learn that there is a city called Isparta in Southern Turkey ( near the famous Mediterranean Sea) that grows the “Queen of Flowers”! This “Queen” is the rare species of Damascena Rose or in short, the Damask Rose which is pinky in colour and it contains the highest concentration of natural oils compared to other species of roses in the world. This species only flowers and blooms in late May-early June and the flowers are picked in the morning when the level of natural oils in it is the highest. It can only be found in the Kazanluk Valley in Bulgaria and in Isparta, Turkey. I felt myself very fortunate to be able to visit Isparta in early Summer as this is the only time I will get to see these unique and exquisite flowers!!!! When I set my foot on this land, you can imagine my head spinning ( in a good way) from the fragrant aroma from these blooms, my heart also beating fast due to the excitement from seeing them! I managed to pluck a few blooms and kept them as mementos! They were placed in the front pocket of my jacket so they will keep releasing a fresh aroma… Needless to say, the Embroidery in the region of Isparta reflects the love and adoration of the people for the Damascena Rose! Ah, Damascena Rose… the “Queen of flowers”…


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