Nature Crafts-Turkey/ Turkiye

A visit to Turkey really opens up my eyes to the range of crafts the people of Turkey can do. Most women are capable of doing wonderful embroidery ranging from towels, to tablecloths, to cover sofa cushions and TV racks. I was absolutely amazed by their ingenuity, their ability to sew from their minds and imagination. They sew and knit diligently, not complaining. Whenever they get some time to rest from their daily labour, they will sit down, enjoy a cuppa(be it Turkish Tea, or coffee) and start knitting with their hands. The motifs range from cherries, grapes, fruit baskets to roses, tulips and hearts. Certainly, the designs remind you of the lovely country of Turkey and all the wonderful produce of that abundant land! You mention anything to the ladies, they can come up with the designs almost instantly. They are a very hardworking lot, never keeping still till almost 12 am at midnight, all for the sake of their families…Their hands are wrinkled from the toil, never complaining and forever appearing cheerful… I acquired a few pieces of embroidery to keep at home as they brought me a feeling of comfort and peace…


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